Bad Mojo Design

Small Batch Printing in Grand Rapids, MI USA

About Bad Mojo Design

“We are a Grand Rapids, MI based screen printing company.  We make awesome T-shirts for awesome people!” 

-Scott Warren/Bad Mojo Design

Bad Mojo Design screen prints custom designs by hand on a wide variety of apparel. Specializing in small quantity batches (without all the extra fees), and our willingness to invest the time to work closely with our clients on design and color are what sets us apart from the big companies.

Our founder, Scott Warren, started out screen printing circuits on amorphous silicon photovoltaics (a fancy term for solar panels) in a factory in Detroit, Michigan. While he enjoyed the technical challenges of printing cpmplex circuitry for a team of world-class scientists, he often dreamed of pursuing screen printing in more creative avenues.

After a short stint printing bottles for a west Michigan distillery, Scott landed a job building and installing screen printing equipment all over the United States. After 2 long years of working closely with small screen print businesses across the country, as well as regional and national brands, Scott finally gave up his ramblin’ ways to pursue his dream of setting up his own shop and design label in 2015.

Bad Mojo Design is based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and maintains a commitment to utilize local talents for design and execution of finished product.

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